Top Tips for Getting Rid of Cockroaches and Pests in your Home


Cockroaches can make themselves comfortable in your home (like they actually own it or help in paying rent) and it can be tough to get rid of them. In addition to feeding on things like food, clothing, electronics, and wallpaper, several species can spread illnesses. If such is the problem in your home, it's time you serve these pests with an eviction order with the following tips on how to exterminate cockroaches yourself.

Use baits because they are effective in attracting roaches and killing them with poison. One desirable aspect is that cockroaches that come into contact with the poison do not die immediately, which gives them time to travel to their nests and infect the rest of the population. Place the nests in their favorite breeding areas so that you can exterminate a large section of their population. Get more info on killing cockroaches in your home .

These pests invite themselves to dinner whenever there are droplets or particles of water and food all over your home. So, keep all surfaces clean and dry to starve them off. Pay attention to dark cracks and crevices and other sections of your kitchen where food and drink can be found. It is also desirable if you clean all dishes immediately after meals to prevent them from attracting cockroaches. Vacuuming your dining area is also essential since it will eliminate food particles that fall off while eating.

Check all water points to ensure none is dripping. Cockroaches cannot live longer than a week without the liquid, and that makes it important to take this step. This tip is useful, especially when using gel-based baits to get rid of cockroaches because the absence of water will make them more likely to find their way into your trap. Check out for more details about pest control.

All holes and cracks that lead to your home should be sealed properly. It does not make sense to get rid of cockroaches if those in your neighbors' homes can make visits to your property whenever they fancy. One area to focus on is the gap between walls and countertops. Use a caulking gun for the job.

How to exterminate roaches yourself ? Fabric softener use is one of the ways on how to exterminate roaches yourself naturally. Remember that cockroaches breathe through their skins, so spraying a solution that contains fabric softener will suffocate and kill them.

Bay leaves are particularly effective in fending off these pests. Place a couple of them in favorite roach hiding or breeding spots like cupboard corners and other dark places for the best effects. If you have clothes or books that you wouldn't want to be touched by the pests, just put a few bay leaves close to them.